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I had the pleasure of working with this exceptional Great Dane dog breeder, and I can't sing her praises enough. From the moment I reached out to inquire about adopting one of her dogs, she was incredibly informative and supportive. She didn't just want to place her puppies in any home; she was genuinely committed to ensuring that prospective owners were well-prepared for the responsibility of owning a Great Dane. She patiently walked me through all the facts and considerations, providing invaluable insights into the breed's unique characteristics and needs. What truly sets this breeder apart is her unwavering commitment to her clients and dogs even after the adoption. She remains readily available whenever I have questions or need guidance, making me feel like I have a trusted ally on this incredible journey of raising a Great Dane. Her dedication to the well-being of her dogs and the happiness of the families they become a part of is truly commendable. If you're looking for a Great Dane breeder who not only offers top-notch pups but also continues to provide support and guidance, look no further – this breeder is the epitome of trustworthiness and excellence in the world of canine companionship. I absolutely love my Murphy--Love Takes Flight Litter Thank you for always being there Crystal! Denise Wallace--Proud owner of a perfect Great Dane named Murphy

Country Acres Great Danes goes above & beyond for their grandpups, making sure each & every one goes to a loving home. They keep you in the know (almost daily) as your puppy grows from a newborn until they come home with you, which I personally wasn’t expecting the first time. (We recently put a deposit on our THIRD pup from them- that should tell you something!) They provide so much information, so much love & care into their own dogs as well as the litters, & make you feel like part of their family. The temperament of their pups blows my mind. They are SO sweet, loving, cuddly, just simply AMAZING dogs! Not to mention stunning! Country Acres is #1 in my book if you are in the market for a responsible breeder. They are truly the standard that any breeder should strive for! Amanda -Marcel

When I first started looking for a Dane I had no clue what to look for in a dog or breeder. I had actually put a deposit down on a male dog from a different breeder and was so excited. I, of course, was still looking at all of the puppies that were available. I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right with the male from the other breeder in which we recently found out later he has health issues. When I came across Country Acres Great Danes, LLC - Louisiana I decided to ask which ones were available. When Crystal sent me a picture of my sweet Maggie, I knew that she needed to be mine, I completely fell in love. They gave me so much information to learn about the Danes before I took Maggie home. I learned soooo much information from them that I would have never known otherwise. When I went to pick up my sweet Maggie I felt like my heart was complete. They did such a wonderful job taking care of the puppies, socializing them, and so much more. Maggie did amazing coming home and we never had any issues with her. She is so healthy and perfect! One of the greatest things is that any time I have any questions at all they are more than willing to answer them and help me! I will definitely always use them as my breeder. It’s nice not having to worry about if they will be healthy or taken care of. 

-Crystal Gore

This is our second time adding one of Crystal's danes to our family, and we couldn't be happier. We would not want to go to anyone else. She gave us the best experience both times. We consider her family.

-Brittany LaGrange

My boyfriend & I have both always wanted a GD so we started researching & came across Country Acres Great Danes. We liked everything we saw & read about them. We absolutely LOVE our Bella who is 8 months old. We now also have our lil' boy Kane who is 2 months old. Crystal has always been there to answer any of our questions. We would 100% recommend Country Acres to anyone looking to get a Great Dane!!
-Kristin Reed

We have two of our babies from country acres and by far they are the best temperament dogs we have ever had.  Any questions we have are a,ways answered and Crystal has become part of our extended family. She cares about these dogs long after they go to their forever homes. She wants to know and see how her extended family is doing. I highly recommend her. We love our fur kids. They truly are that our kids.

-Anne Fry

The best breeder I’ve ever had experience with!! Answers any questions we have quickly! Keeps us updated with everything, as puppy and as they grow. We plan on getting another in a couple of years, I won’t be going anywhere else but here.

-Jodi Ellender

We lost our big boy Sully 1/11/21 and I was devastated.  It wasn’t but 2 weeks before we knew we needed a new big boy in our house. I started looking at breeders online and right off the bat I hit two scams which thank God I figured out before any funds were transferred.  I eventually came across Country Acres and from the get go I knew I hit the jackpot. Crystal is very professional.  Extremely knowledgeable. Has an incredible love for the breed as well as passion for preserving the

future of this breed. Ronan is the fourth Great Dane we’ve owned and he is a gorgeous gift from God.  I would have zero hesitation recommending Country Acres to any responsible person looking to add a very well breed Dane to their family.  I am eternally grateful to Crystal and Country Acres for making my heart warm again.  AND one final thing.  Based on the 3 days Ronan has been with us he is by FAR the smartest Dane we have had and our previous three were pretty dang smart. I’m 💯 serious y’all. He’s unreal!!! ❤️❤️

If anyone has any questions or needs any further assurance about Country Acres feel free to email me at

 -Natalie McNeil

Well a Danes was my dream dog, started searching for a good breeder and came across Country Acres Great Dane, and know I had found the best. They were knowledgeable, healthful kind, keeping you engaged in your puppy life. We purchased Phoebe, she was healthy, smart, top quality every well pleased I would recommend Country Acres Great Dane, every time if we purchase another it will be from them.

-Patricia Allen

The whole family loves our “big baby” Crystal was awesome to work with! We loved seeing our girl from birth. Crystal is now an extended member of our family. It is clear she cares greatly about her animals long after they have left her. We couldn’t imagine life without Juniper and intend to to get another from her in the future.

-Sean Roy

I have always wanted a Great Dane and finally last Thanksgiving, I was able to find the perfect member to add to our family. Crystal was easy to work with and answered so many questions. She made sure that we knew what we were getting in to by owning a Great Dane. Even after we brought Axel home, she has been available to answer questions or concerns at any time. Highly recommend getting your next fur baby from Country Acres!

-Kristy Poynor

We love our Great Dane pup Luna who we were so lucky to get from Country Acres Great Danes.  We had a wonderful experience.   Their communication with us was great.  We got to see pictures and videos of Luna from a newborn to 8 weeks, and when we were finally able to meet her in person to bring her home to California, we felt we already knew her.   Crystal and her family went out of their way to make our purchase of Luna the best experience possible.   We are hoping to add more great danes from Country Acres Great Danes to our family in the future.

 -Lily Juarez

Definitely recommend without hesitation!!

a friend of mine knew I was interested in getting a new puppy and has beautiful babies of her own from country acres so she pointed in their direction.. at first I was so unsure,  do I want a girl? do I want a boy? so many questions I needed answered,  so I contacted Crystal and let me tell you that woman was so patient with me and I hadn't even put a app in yet much less anything else. well thats where Our journey began!! within an hr after tons of photos I fell in love with my boy Blue and decided I had to have him!! so of course I'm thinking ok I decided, now I just have to be patient and wait until he's ready. little did I know Crystal actually makes you apart of that journey so it's not just a wait. I immediately was added to a Facebook group where I got to see updates, pictures, videos, VERY OFTEN might I add!! Country Acres Great Danes treated me like family, not like a customer.

and I still today can call, text ect... and they are right there to help with whatever it is.. Thank you Crystal for all you do!!!

 -Tiffany Johnson

I had an amazing experience with Country Acres Great Danes. They made the entire process of purchasing our Great Dane easy and stress free. I would definitely recommend Country Acres Great Dane to anyone who is interested in Great Danes.

-Katelyn Richard

Very sweet people with big beautiful Danes, I was lucky enough to get my big baby from. She cares very deeply for all her pups, if I could recommend ever going thru adopting a beautiful Dane it would only be theses awesome people

-Nichole Wells 

I was lucky enough to get my big boy from Country Acres. They where absolutely awesome to deal with and have amazing Great Danes. The care they give them is wonderful you can tell they spent time with everyone to make sure they have good temperaments. Would recommend them to anyone looking for great natured and well taken care of pup!

-Brett Vincent 

My beautiful Dane Kyra will be a year old this was truly a blessing to find Kyra and Crystal! Crystal and her family are amazing and caring people! Always there if you have questions or when your just sharing pictures of your amazing Dane! 
Kyra is the most amazing dog I have ever had...if I could I would have many many more!

-Lisa Fletcher Gregoire 

Never meet any family who cared so much about there pets before. To them the dogs aren’t there pets they are family. Crystal and her family take the most pribe in caring for these dogs. And they love them to death. From personal experience these dogs are the most loving and awesome dogs I’ve ever encountered. If you are looking for a dog/pet/new addition to you’re family definitely check out country acres great danes!!!

-Jeffrey Fontenot

I bought my Great Dane khaleesi from country acres about one year ago. She is a amazing dog! We love her to bits. I feel so blessed to have found country acres. Crystal and her family are amazing people. They care so much for there Danes. Khaleesi has the best personality. All there dogs are so beautiful and the puppies as well. You will not be dissappointed when purchasing from country acres Great Danes!

-Linda Mcqueen

Crystal is a phenomenal breeder! She truly cares about every puppy as her own. She keeps you updated every couple of days, if not sooner, on how your puppy is doing and provides a ton of pictures and videos so you can watch your baby grow until you get to bring them home. She goes above and beyond to make sure that the puppies are all loved and cared for and very well socialized. My sweet girl, Dash, that I got from her, has such a wonderful personality and was potty trained already. She is completely healthy and absolutely gorgeous! I can’t imagine a better breeder than Crystal! I HIGHLY advise going to Country Acres Great Danes if you’re interested in having a Great Dane as an addition to your family! She is amazing!

-Katie Cousino Walker

We have two Danes from Country Acres Great Danes. Orbit is 1 year old and Daisy is 3 months old. Orbit was my first Great Dane ever. I have only ever owned small dogs, so, I was very nervous, to say the least, about owning a Dane.
Crystal, makes the adoption process so easy. The photos and videos she provides while they grow are priceless memories. We often look back on those, now that Orbit is older, and smile. We love to remember that she was once this tiny. Orbit is healthy, intelligent, obedient, loyal and gentle.
After bringing Orbit home, we knew very quickly that we would want to adopt another Dane from Crystal. Adopting Daisy, bringing her home and introducing her to Orbit has been the smoothest transition. The girls are best friends! They eat together, play together and nap together! 
We also have two Miniature Schnauzers and one Maltipoo in our home. All our dogs spend time together daily. You will not be disappointed if you choose to add one of these sweet babies to your family!

- April Russell Pritchett 

As a first time Great Dane owner, I had no idea what to look for and what to expect from this breed other than the importance of finding a reputable breeder. Crystal with Country Acres Great Danes was very professional, she answered all of my questions, and she made the process of getting our handsome guy very fun. Crystal took and posted pictures constantly when they were born and had new weekly pics to show his progress. She is still available to answer questions for me. We are so pleased with our gentle giant and love him dearly.

-Brenda Jones

There are so many unscrupulous breeders out there these days that you really need to be careful when buying a dog from a breeder. You do not need to worry about Crystal at Country Acres Great Danes, LLC! She knows what she is doing, she understands Great Danes, and does what is right and best for her dogs. She has rules and guidelines when you want one of her pups, but it is all for really good reasons. On top of that she is with you every step of the way, as soon as you contract with her for a puppy (actually even before), she is there for your questions, sharing her vast experience with you. It does not end when you pickup your puppy, she can be contacted anytime. She responds to us very quickly. On top of all this, her adult dogs make some beautiful puppies! We picked up Gus the day after thanksgiving, and we fell deeper in love with him being able to hold him! He is a gorgeous “young man” and know that he will be stunning as he gets older! This is our Gus at 20 weeks old, a 

78 lbs lap dog!

-Denise Ferguson

We highly recommend Country Acres Great Danes! Crystal is hand’s-on from the time you inquire throughout your dog’s life. She keeps you updated on your puppy’s growth while still with momma with pictures, texts, and videos of the litter. She is easily available and very knowledgeable, always ready to guide you every step of the way with questions and/or concerns. We love our fur babies and know that she loves them too and that means a lot to this double-Dane owner.

-Pam Montgomery

I am so pleased with Country Acres Great Danes, LLC - Louisiana . Abel is amazing. They do such a wonderful job with the puppies. They are very informative and the puppies are beautiful and healthy. Even after you get your puppy they are there for any questions you have. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a Great Dane. Thanks for your instructions and help, I so love my puppy!!

-Roxanne Bourgeois

A little over three years ago, we adopted Memphis and I couldn’t be more grateful for our loving boy. I cannot say enough about what a great experience we have had with Crystal. Not only does she do everything possible to make the adoption process easy, she also make it fun. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and does her best to ensure that you are well prepared for your new fur baby. Crystal always answers my questions in a timely manner and does her best to keep you updated on the latest health and nutrition studies. Three years later, she still checks in with us.  I would highly recommend getting a Great Dane from Country Acres Great Danes.

-Whitney Constance

Country Acres Great Danes is the only place I will return to for a Great Dane in the future. Even while we waited to bring Sadie home we received updates, videos and pictures so that we felt we knew our girl before she came home. Zeus came a little later because of the strict return to breeder contract. This ensures the safety of all the dogs. Crystal truly loves all her puppies and wants to see them in good, forever homes. Since zeus’s home didn’t work out we stepped up to be his people. We never imagined being a 2 dane home but we love every second. Crystal has been there for support and guidance every step of the way (including before bringing the puppy home), even still, almost a year later. She feels like a part of our Great Dane extended family.

When we brought both dogs to their first vet check, they were amazed at how well they were cared for and the meticulous records that Crystal maintained on each of the dogs.

I’ve already recommended Country Acres Great Danes to several friends.

-Emily Pervel Guastella (Fuselier)

Country Acres has been amazing to work with. Even after almost a year after adopting our Dexter we can still go to them with any questions. We will be looking to add another Dane baby to the family in the next year and will be going back to Country Acres for another furbaby!

-Chrissy Stahlin

Country Acres is a great place for your Dane. Crystal is very knowledgeable and loves a cares about every dogs she raises. Our Dane Sterling is very gentle and lovable you could not ask for a better personality. If your looking for a best friend this is the place to go.

 -Robert Cripple

I have never owned a Dane before and the information I received for my baby was as helpful as it could have been. Oaklee is so happy and healthy, I couldn’t have gotten her from more loving and caring people.

 -Jessica Dukes

We drove down all the way from NY to pick up our new fur baby, Barrett. He is perfect in every way, you can tell that this family really cares a lot for all their pups. ❤ Thanks again, we will talk to you when its time for the next one 😁

 -Rebecca Powell Rawleigh

Happy Birthday from Reilly and her family!!Just want to take a minute to tell you how much you are appreciated by this, as well as so many other, Country Acres Great Dane family members.  I have always appreciated the support and information that you have given to us but, never realized how truly blessed we are to have this support and information.  I am I member of a few Great Dane FB groups and see so many new Great Dane parents asking for help with so many things that you made sure that we knew before we brought our babies home, not to mention all that you do after we bring them home.  So, thank you for not only being a responsible breeder but creating the Country Acres Great Dane family where we know that you are not only there when we need you but, for our fur babies as well!!

 -Linda Vaughn Gasaway

I love my little lady Esmée. She is a beautiful dane and i couldnt be happier with country acres Great Danes and the love and care that  crystal puts into her puppies!

 -Jade Boudreaux

We are so glad we were able to find someone like Crystal so close to us! after doing lots of searching for a Great Dane breeder, we finally found Country Acres Great Danes. and to say the least, this pup changed our lives for the better 🥰 i love how Crystal always kept us updated as he was growing with the rest of his litter. i loved watching all of their little personalities change (i think we got the goofiest out of “U Litter” 🤣) what i like most about Crystal is she sent us information about Great Danes and gave us a quiz over the phone. that shows she actually cares about where her puppies are going, and i respect her so much for that. if our family ever decides to add another Dane, it would definitely be from Country Acres Great Danes. and i will ALWAYS tell people who we got our precious Django from 💙

 -Hailey Sensation

We just got our first Great Dane, and I’ll never go to another place for my next!! Crystal did everything possible to make sure Juno was in good health and happy, and she gave us so many updates that we really felt we got to be a part of her first 8 weeks. We had our first vet appointment today, and he said this was the most impressed he had been with a breeder’s organizational skills, care for puppies, and transparency! Country Acres Great Danes is the BEST!
-Kia Weinreber Sayers

We got our puppy from them a little over a week ago and couldn't be happier! She has a great temperament and is super smart! Crystal and her family did an amazing job with these puppies!

-Alicia Rice 

Not only did I find a great breeder but also a good friend. All of her dogs and pups are very loved and well taken care of. Any questions I have she is there to help me. Her Danes are absolutely beautiful and I would definitely use her in the future.

-Tabbi Benoit 

We got our newest great Dane from here(Perseus). He is an absolute joy to have. He has such a great and fun personality. Crystal is excellent person to work with. She gives updates anytime you ask for them while the puppy is still in her care. If we do get another Gentle Giant we will definitely be buying from her.

-Ben Nettles

We love our girl we got from Crystal and country acres. Jesa Belle is silly , funny, very smart and beautiful.
I love the fact that Crystal is always available for questions and keeps up with the puppies through fb even after they leave her.

- Bobbie Miller Hoover 

What a wonderful breeder! These people love their Danes, and they are loved and cared for like children. Love, time, and energy goes into each dog from Country Acres. They ensure that the buyer is prepared to take on such a large dog who will come with much responsibility. They will educate you on their breed and temperament, and make sure each pup goes to a home where they feel the same love they felt when welcomed to this world. Very caring and dedicated people!

-Bridget Sonnier

Our Mojito came home with us yesterday and we made it through the night. Today he did great and our vet said he is in perfect health! Tomorrow he will be 8 weeks old. Clearly these folks are doing a great job. If you are searching for a Dane, look them up!

-Stephen Handwerk 

Our family got our Great Dane just about a year ago, her name is Stella � we couldn’t be anymore blessed with our Dane. We send pictures to them all the times and stay in communication on how Stella is doing, I have never met anyone who cares for there pups like they do, and after the pups go to there forever home. I would recommend anyone to get a Great Dane puppy from them..

-ChristinaJosiah Harrison

Crystal an her family are the best!!!! We purchased one of her Danes a yr ago an was so impressed with what we got...Not only did we get the perfect dog but we got a great friendship...While we were waiting to bring our beautiful girl home Crystal an her family took the best care of her while sending us videos of her to keep us up to date of her progress...We love our girl so much an had the best experience with Country Acres Great Danes that u will not be disappointed to get a gentle giant from them...We have dibs on another one at the end of the month when the nxt litter is due, i soooo cant wait too see them all...(im wondering if my hubby will let me get 2 

-Sarah Douget 

Some of the most caring people you would ever meet. I am a Dane breeder my self and I must say they have very well bred Danes. They have perfect nature for kids. Check them out you want be sorry you did. Health comes first from day one ! Awesome breeder !!!!

- Frankie Fortenberry

We took our new puppy home this weekend and she is absolutely amazing!!! Such a sweet temperament and learns very quickly. We couldn't be more pleased with her. Crystal and her family did a fabulous job with our fur baby! 

-Gena Hanks

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