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We at “Country Acres Great Danes” welcome all dog lovers into our world of Great Danes. We are a family run business in central Louisiana located on 23 Acres of Farmland. All of our Great Danes are loved and treated like children. They sit or lay with us during movie time, when we have family time they join us in the yard, and they sleep with us in our beds or in their own beds next to us at night.


We focus on breeding European and American bloodlines to produce well balance puppies. We breed to improve the quality of the breed as well as temperament, size, and longevity. Many of our customers join our waiting list to enjoy the exciting experience we give them while awaiting one of our beautiful puppies. From the day they are born We send out pictures, videos, and weights every 2-3 days so you can enjoy watching your puppy grow until the day they join you in their forever home.


Our Great Dane puppies are raised in our home with myself, my husband, our 3 children, several large Great Danes, a cat, and 2 small dogs. From the moment the puppies are born, we surrounded them with love and attention. We socialize all of our puppies. They are used to loud noises such as TV, music, yelling, barking, phones ringing, stomping, and much more so they are not afraid of these things when they go to forever homes. We also begin potty training our puppies, using a training bell to go outside.

Thank you for looking to us for your new fur baby!



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