Legend Tazz​

Tazz is our 100% Euro blue male, measuring 37” tall. His father was an import from Hungary. His mother was born in the US from imports. Tazz is a true gentle giant and he is the largest of our Danes but still had amazing conformation. Tazz wins the heart of everyone he meets!


Crash is our 100% Euro Maskless Blue Fawn from Kaiser Hollas Schwartz Danes. This handsome boy amazes us with his size and his sweet personality. At only 10 months old, he is weighing in at 148 pounds and is still growing like crazy! Crash will bring great things to our program.


Doodle is the son of Rosalie and Echo.  He is owned by our good friends at “Dance & Gym” in Ville Platte, Louisiana where the students loved him so much they named him Mascot. His family had first pick of his litter and from there our friendship grew. We stopped by to visit one day and realized how amazing he is. He is tall and handsome. We asked his family for permission to use him in our program and they were thrilled. Doodle is great with children; his best friend has been the granddaughter of his owners from the day she was born.


Olympus is our full euro maskless brindle male from Country Danes.  He carries blue and pie, making our color possibilities endless. Olympus has a very thick structure with amazing conformation. He loves to meet new people and those that meet him fall in love with his wonderful, sweet personality.


Casanova is our 75% Euro Blue Fawnequin Piebald born and raised here with us. Casanova has some of the tallest lines in which it is reflected in his height and build. Casanova loves every person and animal he meets. He has to be one of the sweetest, gentle giants we have ever seen. We have great plans for Casanova.


Beethoven is our 75% Euro Blue Fawn Piebald. He was born and raised here. We knew right away that we had to keep him. His growth continues to surprise us. He is by far our tallest Great Dane. He has the sweetest personality and loves attention. Beethoven carries Tan Point. We have great plans for him in the future.

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