Diamond was born and raised with us here at Country Acres Great Danes. She is from one of Rosalie and Echo’s litters. Diamond is a young and energetic Great Dane. We decided it was her destiny to stay here with us, as we fell in love with her sweet personality and unique split-face markings from the start! We look forward to her future in our breeding program.


Savannah is our blue 75% euro sweetheart. We fell in love with Savannah from one of our very own litters. Savannah is thick and resembles her father Tazz very much. She is very well mannered and does not beg for attention. She is on the more elegant side.


Juels is our full euro blue harlequin female and she weighs 140 pounds. Juels is one of our pie carriers and she has very good lines in her pedigree. We could not be more happy with the way she has matured. Juels is sweet, playful, and very smart. She is one of our smartest and she has proven this to us and some of our visitors repeatedly.

Paris of Island’s Dream
Paris is our double masking, full euro fawn girl. We imported her from Hungary. She is perfect with her droopy lips and beautifully shaped eyes. Paris is extremely sweet and she loves cats. We know she was a perfect addition to our family and program.

Porshia of Island’s Dream
Porshia is our double masking, full euro brindle girl that we imported from Hungary. Porshia is full of energy and she loves to play. She has wonderful conformation and droopy lips that catch the eye. We are so blessed to have her as part of our family and our program.


Sophie is our sons dream girl! She is a fawnequin mantle with great height. She is both silly and sweet. Sophie can produce a large variety of colors.


Pixie is our 50% Euro Blue Fawn Female! Pixie is the daughter of Tazz, granddaughter of Gemma, and granddaughter of Echo. Such an amazing combination of elegance, loyalty, beauty, and brains all wrapped into one package.


Vivienne is our full euro mismarked mantle girl. She carries tan point, blue, fawn and piebald. She is everything we ever dreamed she would be and we can't wait to see all that she adds to our program!


Fancy is our full euro blue merle girl from M&M Kennels. She carries fawn. We love her personality and her conformation! We can't wait to see what her future holds with us here.


Aurora is one of our beautiful, full euro harlequin girls from Hillsborough Danes. Aurora is already one of our tallest girls. We could not be more proud to have this amazing girl as part of our program!


Flicka is our second beauty from Hillsborough Danes. She is Aurora's littermate. She is considered a blanketed harlequin. We could not be more proud to have this amazing girl as part of our program!

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